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Richard Weber (born 1990) is a freelance glass artist in Tyrol/Austria.
As a trained scientific glassblower and glassmaker, he goes his own way in 2013 and seeks his personal creative access to the glass.
Richard Weber works in front of the flame as well as  at the furnace with liquid glass.
In his works he combines various techniques of glassprocessing, such as fusing, sandblasting and grinding and discovers new ways to produce and refine unique mouth-blown glass objects.
As a craftsman and artist, Richard Weber always wants to learn more about glass  and therefore he seeks new challenges, cooperation partners and opportunities for further education.  Because the exciting things about the glass are the infinite possibilities that are to be fathomed.

Already in his youth Richard Weber discovered his passion for working with glass at the glassschool Kramsach. After he finished school as a scientific glassblower, he begins a apprenticeship as furnace glassblower at the company Kisslinger in Rattenberg and received his graduation there.
The enthusiasm for hotglass was growing and Richard Weber became self-employed.
His paths led him to Denmark to the Sæby Glaspusterie of Leni Bille, as well as to Robert Comploj to Upper Austria and Vienna, where he learned and worked as a glassmaker for several years.
Today Richard Weber lives and works with his family in Tyrol as a freelance artist  and teaches glassmaking at the HTL for Glass and Chemistry in Kramsach.

News about exhibitions and other things can be found in the blog.

Jan. 2020                                         TA of Robert Comploj, Corning Museum of Glass
.                                                                                                                           New York, USA

May 2019                                             Exhibition “Das Wachstum der Regenwürmer”
.                                                                              with Robert Freund – Kramsach / Tyrol

Oct. 2018                                               Exhibition “Glanzstücke” Traun/Upper Austria

June 2018                                       Exhibition “Who is it” Mistelbach / Lower Austria

May 2018                                               TA of Micke Johansson at Bildwerk/Frauenau

Jan. – Feb 2018                                             Teacher at HTL-Kramsach (Glassblowing)

2017                                              Masterclass with Janusz Pozniak in Sazava/Czech

2013 – 2017                                       Glassblower at Glashütte Comploj    UA/Vienna

Aug. 2015                                           Exhibition and Trainer at Kunsttage Kramsach

Feb.- May 2015           participation with Robert Complojs Glassbull in Spielberg

Jan.-March 2014                  TA (teaching assistant) glassblowing, HTL-Kramsach

from 2013                                                    self-employed as a freelance glass artist

Jan.-March 2013                  TA (teaching assistant) glassblowing, HTL Kramsach

2011                                                              graduated apprenticeship as glassblower

Okt.-Nov. 2010                                             assistant at Saeby Glaspusteri Denmark

2009 – 2011    apprenticeship glassblower at Company Kisslinger in Rattenberg

2009                                             graduated glasschool as a scientific flameworker

2005 -2009                                                                    Glasschool in  Kramsach/Tyrol